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Exercise For The Elderly

Remaining Active as Older Adults
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Exercises to help people as they get older to regain vitality and connect with their bodies. We aim to help you increase your balance, mobility and general sense of self and of being alive.

We are still under construction, but we will be offering an online exercise course for older adults wanting to remain healthy and active as the years go by. We have created this course from over 25 years experience helping older adults and the elderly grow old with strong yet relaxed bodies. We want to help people to move with less pain, more energy and a greater sense of life.

The movements will help in different ways:

  • Increased movement
  • Improving balance and stability
  • Releasing tight muscles and aching joints
  • Creating whole body coordination

We’re really pleased you found us and we please ask for your patience as we create this new and exciting course, which should hopefully be launched in June 2019.